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10 Pointers to Avoid Most Common Bill of Lading Errors

A properly completed bill of lading is worth more than gold to shippers. It ensures that shipments are handled as they should be, with accurate charges…

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Open Telematics API: NMFTA’s Fix for Companies at Risk of Vendor Lock

Just over two years ago, Rand McNally had an issue with its ELD service. When the service was not able to return, fleets who had…

CyberTruck Challenge: For Six Years, Educating the Talent to Stop Cyberattacks on Trucking

“What NMFTA provides us with at CyberTruck Challenge ensures that we can execute the event properly.” Dr. Jeremy DailyColorado State University The trucking industry understands…

The Book’s Final Chapter

Two of NMFTA’s leading missions will converge in 2023, and the result is the most functional offering to National Motor Freight Classifications members yet.

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What You Missed (And Can’t Afford to Miss Again) at November’s Digital Solutions Conference

This year’s NMFTA Digital Solutions Conference, which was held in November in Alexandria, Virginia, broke new ground.

Why the NMFC Stands the Test of Time

Every so often we hear claims that the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®) system is antiquated and should be replaced. Lately there has been a push from some quarters to replace the system with one based entirely on density.