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We Are the Champions! NMFTA Joins Critical Cybersecurity Awareness Effort 

NMFTA is thrilled to announce that we’ve signed on with the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) as a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion for 2023!

9 Ways to Protect Forklift Scales from Cyberattacks

There is little downside to a forklift-mounted scale itself. But like so many other assets in the logistics industry, the connectivity of such a device puts it at risk of cyberattacks if users don’t understand how to mitigate those risks.

A Month’s Worth of Insight for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

NMFTA offers considerable insight on cybersecurity issues specific to the trucking industry (especially LTL carriers). As we observe Cybersecurity Awareness Month we encourage you and your team to soak up more than 13 insights!

NMFTA on FreightWaves: How the Trucking Industry Must Act to Protect Truck Diagnostic Systems

Are trucks now vulnerable to sabotage by virtue of the information systems that once amazed drivers? During a recent interview with FreightWaves, NMFTA’s Ben Gardiner answered yes.

How We’re Making Truck Diagnostics as Secure as Your Last Online Bank Transaction

If you believe a truck should be as secure as a bank website from cyberattacks, it’s worthwhile to consider how many security protocols operate on the Internet keeping the exchange of information between machines secure.

Witness a Startling Truck Hacking Demonstration at NMFTA’s Conference

Attendees at the National Motor Freight Traffic Association’s (NMFTA) upcoming Digital Solutions Conference on Cybersecurity should be prepared to hear an array of strange and disturbing noises. The noise that will be apparent during a live truck hacking demonstration is referred to as a chuff, to be specific.

NMFTA on FreightWaves: The Cost of Cyberattacks to Trucking Companies

In a recent FreightWavesNOW interview, our director of enterprise security Antwan Banks urged trucking companies to prioritize both patching and training.

Webinar Recap: Big Data is Not Enough

During NMFTA’s recent webinar, Perygee CEO Mollie Breen shared with participants why little data is so critical, and how we can ensure we have enough of it.

Webinar Recap: Trends and Threats Exposed

During NMFTA’s recent webinar, Eitan Richman – an Israeli operations specialist who is familiar not only with the world of independent and corporate hackers, but also with the cyber warfare conducted by nation-states – offered a thorough assessment of the current cyber warfare landscape.

Webinar Recap: Cross-Training with ICS to Bolster Truck Cybersecurity

During NMFTA’s recent webinar, industry professional Chloe Callahan shared four protocols that can help the industry learn from industrial control systems (ICS).

NMFTA on FreightWaves: Why Cybersecurity Is a Top Priority

During a recent interview with FreightWaves, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association’s (NMFTA) Executive Director Debbie Ruane Sparks and Senior Cybersecurity Research Engineer Ben Gardiner had a chance to speak directly to the critical impact the organization is making on today’s LTL trucking industry.

Extensive Federal Resources Can Help the Trucking Industry Fight Cyberattacks

Given the importance of cybersecurity to the trucking industry, any resource that helps with the effort is welcome. And many people in our industry don’t realize we already have access to tons of resources from the federal government.