The Best Trucking & Supply Chain Conferences in 2023

The trucking industry continues to be incredibly competitive and complex, with success in the field hinging on industry leaders' abilities to improve supply chain efficiency and overcome challenges. Logistics experts dedicate time and effort to improving inbound and outbound supply chains.

Supply chain and trucking conferences exist mainly to provide a healthy international supply chain for a thriving world economy and a more prosperous global community. The transportation industry organizes hundreds of annual trucking conferences and expos catered to all interests.

2023 is the perfect time to seek networking opportunities, monitor industry trends, check new equipment and attend educational sessions on managing truck fleets better.

Why You Should Attend Industry Conferences

Attending interactive exhibits in the trucking and logistics field is the ideal opportunity for fleet managers to meet trucking industry leaders and gain insight into their world. This segment explores reasons to attend the next trucking annual conference.

  • Education and training: The annual events' educational sessions help fleet managers enhance their skills, learn about cutting-edge tools, improve their supply chain management knowledge and optimize their operations.
  • Exposure to new technologies: Trucking conferences feature an excellent opportunity to explore cybersecurity features, software, hardware and equipment to streamline fleet operations, reduce cost and improve efficiency.
  • Network opportunities: Trucking managers come together from different logistics and supply chain sectors, allowing for exclusive networking opportunities and strengthening professional relationships and opportunities.
  • Regulatory updates: The trucking and transportation industry is heavily regulated. These annual conferences provide fleet managers with regulatory updates and compliance best practices that might impact businesses.

Who Should Attend?

Various businesses and professionals in the trucking and shipping industry can benefit from attending trucking conferences. They include:

  • Trucking companies
  • Manufacturers and shippers
  • Consultants and advisers
  • Freight brokers and agents
  • Supply chain managers
  • Government and regulatory bodies
  • Logistics software providers
  • Academics and researchers

Attending trucking conferences provides valuable insight for education sessions, business growth and networking, making them beneficial for many businesses and professionals in the industry.

The Best U.S. Conferences to Attend in 2023

Numerous trucking conferences occur across various industries in the United States annually. 2023 marks some of the best annual events, with a diverse selection across different fields to consider attending.

Tecsys User Conference 2023 | September 17 - 20 | Scottsdale, AZ

The return of Tecsys User Conference commemorates 40 years of innovation and customer success, making it a must-attend convention. Get an insider view on how Tecsys and its Elite customer base successfully clarify the supply chain industry's uncertainties. Get the maximum value out of the conference's Elite software investment opportunities as Tecsys product leaders, external industry experts and peer innovators advise attendees on the best strategies to meet the demands of the modern supply chain.

CVSA Annual Conference & Exhibition | September 17 - 21 | Grapevine, TX

The CVSA Annual Conference & Exhibition will be held at Grapevine, TX. The event focuses on enhancing fleet safety throughout North America and will have government officials, enforcement personnel and industry leaders gather to share deep insights into the trucking industry. Discussion points will cover driver fatigue, International Roadcheck, human trafficking prevention, hazardous materials and other important industry matters. Get a reservation today for a thrilling five-day conference touching on transportation safety throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

SCON 2023 Sylectus User Conference | September 20 - 22 | Nashville, TN

The premier event of Sylectus users is set to be one of the most awaited and popular conferences in 2023. Attendees at SCON 2023 will have access to new trucking innovations and opportunities to manage, streamline and accelerate their trucking business. Explore the latest trucking trends from inspiring industry leaders and speakers. Learn more about the road ahead and how a career-to-career load board and an all-in-one TMS can accelerate fleet management. It will be a two-day event packed with fun networking and ample opportunities to share knowledge, stay updated on trends and expand fleet networks.

Trimble Transportation Insight Tech Conference & Expo | September 24 - 27 | Las Vegas, NV

This four-day conference from Trimble Transportation Insight Tech Conference & Expo brings together some of the biggest names in the transport and trucking industry. It's the hub of education, collaboration and networking, all centered on steps to make fleet management and supply chain more efficient. Engaging keynote presentations and comprehensive educational breakout sessions will offer attendees an interactive opportunity to gain inspiration and know-how to propel their fleet businesses forward.

RouteSmart Technologies Intersect23 | September 25 - 28 | Annapolis, MD

INTERSECT returns to Annapolis, MD, following a productive conference in Orlando, FL, in 2022. The conference looks to build even more success this year with some exceptional clients and industry leaders to mesh different fleet industries together. Attendees will have access to combinations of ideas to grow their trucking business. RouteSmart Technologies Intersect23 brings together leaders from the four main industries, including newspaper, postal/parcel, public works and utilities, along with partners from as far as Australia. The varied trucking and logistics experts and management teams will make INTERSECT one of this year's most popular conferences.

NMFTA Fall Meeting | October 1 - 3 | Alexandria, VA

NMFTA Fall Meeting is set to host a three-day meeting packed with social activities and forums to discuss important issues to the LTL motor carrier industry. Officers and owners or employees of motor carriers that are members of NMFTA are eligible to attend the conference's meetings as the board of directors authorized up to two attendees per member company.

CSCMP Edge 2023 | October 1 - 4 | Kissimmee, FL

The CSCMP Edge 2023 conference shows a lot of promise as one of the largest conferences in the trucking industry. Attended by over 2,700 industry leaders and trucking professionals and offering over 100 different sessions, this conference promises unmatched, actionable insights and perspectives on the supply chain industry. Attendees can find the newest industry products, technologies and innovations to tackle many challenges on the job. World-renowned trucking experts and visionary thinkers will share their thoughts and practical strategies to help fleet managers think outside the box.

IBTTA 91st Annual Meeting & Exhibition | October 7 - 10 | Seattle, WA

Be inspired by some of the industry's visionary speakers as they share strategic insights at thought-provoking sessions at the IBTTA 91st Annual Meeting & Exhibition. This trucking conference will be held in Seattle, WA, and runs for four days. Get ready to connect with some of the industry's pioneers from around the world. Experience the most innovative ways trucking technologies and solutions are reshaping tolling.

ATA Management Conference & Exhibition | October 14 - 17 | Austin, TX

Don't miss out on the American Trucking Association's (ATA) Management & Conference Exhibition this year. More than 3,100 business owners, industry leaders and top trucking executives will attend MCE 2023. The over 44 different sessions bring the latest trucking policies, innovations and solutions to light. They will allow decision-makers to share their experiences with future transportation policies and how to better the trucking industry.

NMFTA Fall 2023 Weighing and Research Advisory | October 17 - 19 | San Antonio, TX

NMFTA will be held in San Antonio, TX, and consists of a group of W&R professionals with experience in the transportation industry. The council meets twice a year, in the spring and the fall, to share critical insights into different topics on Weight and Research (W&R).

MercuryGate V3 User Conference | October 17 - 19 | Virtual Event

The MercuryGate V3 User Conference will be a two-day virtual event for shippers, brokers, logistics providers and forwarders. It's the leading virtual transportation industry event this year. Hosting MercuryGate customers and partners, the conference will deliver valuable insights into issues and trends touching on the fleet industry. Attendees will explore the latest solution features and engage in idea exchange and network building. Join this agenda-packed virtual conference to gain a wealth of information on maximizing outlooks and other virtual networking opportunities.

CMCA Annual Convention | October 19 - 21 | Beaver Creek, CO

The Colorado Motor Carriers Association will host its annual convention at Beaver Creek, CO, and will have fully packed exhibit halls for attendees to experience some of the industry's most innovative technologies and solutions set to shape tolling. Get immersed in the conference's premier gathering as we advance the tolling industry with expert presenters who will offer valuable learning opportunities at different experience levels. Attendees will have access to different viewpoints of the conversation while staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and ideas.

NMFTA Digital Solutions Conference | October 22 - 25 | Houston, TX

This NMFTA Digital Solutions Conference has been an industry leader for over a decade in addressing cybersecurity issues and educating attendees on critical trucking issues. The conference is open to all cybersecurity experts, supply chain professionals and trucking industry leaders. We also encourage CIOs, CTOs and CEOs to attend this thought-provoking conference as industry leaders share deeper insights into how to secure fleet management processes.

Women in Trucking Accelerate! Conference & Expo | November 5 - 8 | Dallas, TX

Now is the ideal time to join supply chain, transportation and logistics peers at a trucking conference sponsored by women in Dallas, TX. The Women in Trucking Accelerate! Conference & Expo will host transportation decision-makers in the roles of Directors, Managers, VPs and company presidents, ranging from 3PLs and motor carriers to manufacturers and retailers. Expect more than 40 educational sessions and a clearer perspective of women's insight into the trucking industry.

2023 AASHTO Annual Meeting & Expo | November 13 - 16 | Indianapolis, IN

The AASHTO Annual Meeting & Expo marks one of the transportation industry's most anticipated conferences this year. It brings together top public and private transport sector experts to share critical industry policy and innovation. The meeting also hosts AASHTO committees and the Board of Directors, who will share their knowledge and provide learning opportunities to attendees looking to gain exposure to different viewpoints while staying on top of industry trends and ideas.