Committee & Program Leadership

Committee & Program Leadership

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) committees guide the association's administrative, advocacy, operating, outreach, and policy efforts. Below are descriptions of the areas of responsibility, including the leaders, staff liaison(s), and committee list for each.

There are four board of director committees where members are voted on and appointed to the committee. Additionally there are four additional committees where any NMFTA officer or employee of an NMFTA carrier member can serve.

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Board of Directors



Lesley Veldstra Killingsworth
Polaris Transportation Group
Photo of Treasurer, Clete Cordero

Vice ChaIrman

Clete Cordero
Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc.
Photo of Richard Ellis


Richard Ellis
Estes Express Lines
Photo of Secretary, Debbie Sparks


Debbie Sparks
Photo of Mike Morgan, Chairman

Immediate Past Chairman

Mike Morgan
B & H Freight Line, Inc.
Photo of Immediate Past Chairmann, Tim Vander Pol

Past Chairman

Tim Vander Pol
Peninsula Truck Lines

Board of Director Committees

Additional Committees

Classificiation Resource Committee

NMFTA's Classification Resource Committee (CRC) provides information and other resources to the Freight Classification Development Council (FCDC) on matters relating to the content of the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC)®. It provides information on classification research activities, the transportation characteristics of products moving via motor carrier and on motor carrier operations. The CRC may make recommendations and give advice regarding the Procedures for developing and maintaining the NMFC.

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Lisa Klein, ABF Freight System, Inc.

First Vice Chairman:
Greg Joyner, FedEx Freight

Second Vice Chairman:

Kris McLennan, A. Duie Pyle, Inc.


Debbie Sparks, NMFTA

Immediate Past Chairman:

Sheri Frieze, Midwest Motor Express, Inc.

Staff Liaison:
Debbie Sparks

CRC Packaging Subcommittee

NMFTA's CRC Packaging Subcommittee is a subcommittee of CPC. It reviews and evaluates industry needs for improved packaging and makes recomendations to the full CRC and ultimately to the FCDC regarding proposals to amend packaging deinitions, specifications or requirements, including rules relating to packaging, in the NMFC.

Digital LTL Committee

NMFTA's Digital LTL Committee reviews who is currently using electronic bills of lading (eBOL), a mapping project which will highlight paper fields on an electronic sample, terms and conditions, notes, as well as shipper and carrier certifications.

Scott Thomley, AAA Cooper Transportation

Vice Chairman:
Jake Whitney, Magnum LTL, Inc.

Staff Liaison:
Paul Dugent, NMFTA

Carrier Procedures Committee

NMFTA's Carrier Procedures Committee (CPC) considers procedures and best practices, rules and regulations covering interline settlements, claims, and other related traffic matters, and develops model agreements for use by the membership.

Greg McDermitt, Roadrunner Transportation Systems

Vice Chairman:
Chris Kast, Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Staff Liaison:
Larissa Franklin, NMFTA

Regulatory Policy Committee

NMFTA's Regulatory Policy Committee considers and directs participation on behalf of the membership in state and local legislative, regulatory, and/or judicial proceedings which it deems to be of interest to or affect the membership in the conduct of their business, and in legislative matters, federal or state, which benefit, or are perceived as a detriment to, the motor carrier industry.

Richard Ellis, Estes Express Lines

Vice Chairman:
Matt VanDerPol, ABF Freight System, Inc.

Special Advisor:
Nicholas Wingerter, Truck Safety 1

Staff Liaison:
Britton Mullen, NMFTA