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Interpreting the Classifications for Your Various Product SKUs? NMFTA Can Help With That!

Many shippers and 3PLs who see the value of our NMFC classification system face a challenge we recognize well: Dealing with a very large number of products. NMFTA can help!

NMFTA is Working On a Tool to Help Truck Fleets Assess Vendor Cybersecurity Readiness

For as much work as NMFTA does to help LTL trucking companies achieve cybersecurity, imagine: What if a fleet achieves all that, only to fall under a cyberattack anyway because it contracts with a telematics vendor that has left itself unprotected?

Q&A from W. Logistics: Is an ELD Hackable?

Read as NMFTA’s cybersecurity team shares why its position on the risks of ELDs and other telematics devices has not changed since a publication that was written in 2015 and why.

Protecting Truck Sensors from Cyberattacks: A Word from Ryan Gerdes, Ph.D.

When developing a strategy to achieve cybersecurity for trucks, Ryan Gerdes, Ph.D., wants the industry to have a critical understanding of one fact: Sensor security is essential to the entire effort.

NMFTA Streamlines Dozens of Categories in Latest Proposed Classification Update 

As part of the continuing effort to simplify and modernize the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®) system, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association’s (NMFTA) Freight Classification Development Council (FCDC) has issued this year’s second major supplement to the system. 

Three Reasons You’ll Be in Great Shape After You Attend October’s Digital Solutions Conference

Have you registered for this year’s Digital Solutions Conference on cybersecurity? Read as NMFTA’s Antwan Banks shares three reasons why you must attend.

Opportunities for Students as CyberTruck Challenge® Approaches

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association is the proud premier sponsor of the CyberTruck Challenge® once again.

How to Get an Advanced Degree in LTL Cybersecurity, Even if None Technically Exist

No university in the world offers a degree titled Master of Truck Cybersecurity. But that doesn’t mean professionals in the industry can’t achieve what this formal degree would suggest.

Top 10 Cyber Threats Facing the Trucking Industry Today (And What to Do About Them)

NMFTA breaks down the 10 leading cybersecurity threats currently facing the trucking industry, including some insights on how to be ready for them.

Juice Jacking: How Hackers Use Public Charging Ports to Gain Access to Your Device

“Juice jacking” is so common and widespread that the FBI has issued a warning for people to avoid using public charging ports. View 12 tips to protect your data while traveling.

Cluster of semi trucks on an interstate highway

Heavy-Duty Truck Research and How Your Fleet Can Get Involved

Research presented at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) conference in Detroit recently suggested a critical imperative to help enhance the cybersecurity of heavy-duty trucks. And NMFTA is in the perfect position to advocate for this advancement.

Classification Reimagined Keeps NMFC System Modern and Up to Date

For more than 65 years NMFTA has constantly monitored changes in the industry and in technology to ensure we kept the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) fresh.