Our Mission

  • Promote, advance and improve the welfare and interests of the motor carrier industry and the motor carriers operating in commerce, both domestically and/or internationally;
  • Research, analyze and distribute information and aggregate data that will be of benefit to the motor carrier industry in the conduct of transportation operations;
  • Develop, gather and disseminate information that will facilitate the education of the motor carrier industry as to the “best practices” associated with motor carrier transportation;
  • Conduct meetings which will include educational seminars and subjects intended to improve the knowledge of matters affecting motor carrier transportation;
  • Promote, establish and/or safeguard the welfare and interests of motor carriers that may arise in Federal, state or local legislative, regulatory or judicial matters affecting or related to the transportation industry;
  • Participate in legislative hearings or regulatory proceedings held by Federal, state or local bodies solely for the purposes of promoting the enactment of sound laws or regulations applicable to the motor carrier industry;
  • Develop and maintain standard identification codes used by the transportation industry; and;
  • Facilitate the establishment of freight classifications of property, packaging specifications, rules, and related practices in the National Motor Freight Classification through the Freight Classification Development Council.