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Beware of Look-Alike Domain Threats: Protecting Your Online Identity:

Explore what look-alike domains are, why they pose a significant threat, and how you can protect yourself or your business from falling victim to these malicious schemes.

NMFTA’s Cybersecurity Team Presents Coming Innovations to Enhance Trucking Cybersecurity

Earlier this year, Ben Gardiner, NMFTA’s senior cybersecurity researcher, encouraged Chloe Cunningham of Peninsula Truck Lines to research an interesting question:

With respect to cybersecurity, how does the trucking industry compare to industrial control systems (ICS)? And how does it differ?

Business E-mail Compromise: The Problems It Can Lead To For Trucking Companies Are Serious

The phenomenon of cybercrime is not only growing, it is also constantly evolving. As technologies advance, cybercriminals find new ways to attack trucking companies and other industries.

How Truck OEMs are Enhancing Asset Cybersecurity With New Factory Features

Many of the cyber vulnerabilities facing trucks in service today stem from the fact that, when they were first built, there was little understanding of the cybersecurity issues that would present themselves in the future.

In other words, today.

The Government Really Is Here to Help: Abundant Resources to Boost Trucking Cybersecurity

The federal government showed up in a significant way at this year’s Digital Solutions Conference on Cybersecurity, and its representatives offered one clear message to the trucking industry: We’re here to help, and we have extensive knowledge that can help keep you safe from cyberattacks.

In Case You Missed It: A Summary of This Year’s Cybersecurity Conference

If you missed this year’s NMFTA Digital Solutions Conference on Cybersecurity in Houston, TX you’re part of a dwindling group. With this year’s attendance double that of the 2022 conference, it’s fair to say fewer and fewer people miss this conference every year.

Why Every Company Needs to Prepare a Business Continuity Plan

Steve Hankel, the vice president of technology at Johanson Transportation Service, had quite a memorable experience a few years ago when traveling to Arizona for a conference. While he was there, the CIO of another attending company shared that his company had been hit by a ransomware attack during his first week on the job.

Enhancing the NMFC System: A Collaborative Approach for Streamlining and Educating

Every good system needs to evolve and grow with the times to remain effective, which is why the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) used its most recent membership meeting to convene a panel of shippers, carriers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to consider how the system can and should evolve in positive ways.

API Security: It Begins and Ends With People

Cyber threats against trucking companies are becoming increasingly serious and expensive, with one study showing that companies hit by attacks in 2019 lost an average of $2.4 million as a result.

In the four years since, there is every reason to think that cost has increased.

NMFTA’s Ben Gardiner Shows How Easy It Is to Disable a Truck’s Brakes . . . With a Simple Antenna

Attendees of NMFTA’s Digital Solutions Conference on Cybersecurity had the opportunity to see an eye-opening demonstration at the end of the event’s first day – of just what can happen to a truck when hackers take control of it.

Webinar Report: Mastering Hazardous Material Hauling Compliance with Placard Wizard

Haulers of hazardous materials know how critical it is to properly placard their loads. If they don’t, they could not only face fines from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), but they could also be putting themselves and others on the road—particularly first responders—at risk.

Classification Reimagined Again: NMFC Receives Third Update of 2023

NMFTA’s effort to reimagine freight classification has reached its crescendo for 2023, with a new set of changes and updates to the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®).