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Trucking Cybersecurity: Stopping Hackers From Directly Attacking Our Trucks

For all the effort trucking companies make to protect their enterprises from cyberattacks, it’s a major mistake if trucking companies forget to focus on asset hacking.

What We Saw At Manifest: Insight, Innovation, and Ingenuity

Aside from NMFTA’s cybersecurity panel discussion at Manifest, the world’s largest supply chain technology event in the world, check out a few other noteworthy takeaways from this event.

Lookalike Domain Attack Wreaks Havoc, and the Trucking Industry Must Fight Back

In late January, a user of the DAT Freight & Analytics load board was the victim of a meticulous and nasty lookalike-domain attack. The results were disastrous for everyone involved. A shipment was redirected and the freight was stolen. The intended recipients never received their goods. The carrier never got paid.

Webinar Report: Five Simple Things to Improve API Security

During a recent webinar, speakers shared five things trucking companies can do to secure their APIs. Read the quick rundown today.

API Security: A Mission-Critical Call to Download Our 2024 Trucking Cybersecurity Trends Report

As application programming interfaces (APIs) empower the digital progress of the trucking industry – connecting various digital platforms and programs to interact with each other – they also represent a vulnerable target for cyberattackers.

NMFTA Input Helps Develop Solid TMC Recommendation for Next-Generation Tractor/Trailer Electrical Interface

With critical input from the Enterprise and Heavy Vehicle Cybersecurity (EHVC) team at the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc., the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) has just issued a position paper that recommends updated criteria for the next-generation tractor/trailer electrical interface.

What You Missed at SMC³ – NMFTA Sessions

The SMC³ Jump Start 2024 conference offered attendees numerous chances to hear from the NMFTA staff and those affiliated with the association.

Phishing Attacks Are Up More Than 1,200 Percent in a Single Year, Which Is Why Trucking Companies Must Download our Cyber Trends Report 

You’re sitting at your workstation doing ordinary tasks when an attention-grabbing email shows up on your screen. You take the bait and click. Oh no. What next?

Calling for Presentation Abstracts for the NMFTA Cybersecurity Conference in Cleveland

Do you have insight to share on the subject of cybersecurity – especially with relevance to the trucking industry?

If so, don’t wait another minute to submit a presentation abstract for this year’s Digital Solutions Conference on Cybersecurity.

The Coming Upgrades to ClassIT: Faster Search, New Tech Stack, Better Interface . . . and AI

Over the course of 2024, we’re subjecting ClassIT to a multiphase update that will make it more user-intuitive, easier to search and more friendly to workflow. We’ll do this by updating the tech stack, the user interface and the workflow, while incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into the process.

Beware of Look-Alike Domain Threats: Protecting Your Online Identity:

Explore what look-alike domains are, why they pose a significant threat, and how you can protect yourself or your business from falling victim to these malicious schemes.

NMFTA’s Cybersecurity Team Presents Coming Innovations to Enhance Trucking Cybersecurity

Earlier this year, Ben Gardiner, NMFTA’s senior cybersecurity researcher, encouraged Chloe Cunningham of Peninsula Truck Lines to research an interesting question:

With respect to cybersecurity, how does the trucking industry compare to industrial control systems (ICS)? And how does it differ?