NMFTA Announces April 10 Release of All-Digital SCAC 2.0


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Upgraded System Will Allow Carriers and Resellers to Apply for, Manage Standard Carrier Alpha Codes Directly on a 24/7/365 Basis

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has announced the upcoming upgrade of SCAC 2.0. A new, all-digital system for assigning Standard Carrier Alpha Codes, SCAC 2.0 will enable carriers, resellers, and partners to apply for and manage their SCAC directly – without requiring assistance from NMFTA staff – on a 24/7/365 basis.

SCAC is a unique identification code that NMFTA assigns to carriers. Once assigned, these codes serve as an elite-level identification piece for any carrier. The codes are required for many business activities carriers engage in, including doing business with the U.S. government and crossing the border.

Upon launch of the new system, which is scheduled for April 10, 2023, carriers and resellers will no longer have to contact NMFTA staff to apply for SCAC, as the SCAC 2.0 platform will allow them to apply for and receive the codes digitally in real time. They will also be able to change contact information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other information contained in their accounts, in real time.

Among the features of the new system:

  • Carriers and resellers can set their codes to auto-renew upon their scheduled expiration date, as well as receive a notification when expiration is approaching.
  • Payments can be automated.
  • Companies who need multiple codes can easily apply and purchase immediately, instead of the complicated workaround that used to be required for such a request.
  • A responsive mobile interface makes the system easy for users to manage on their phones.
  • SCAC 2.0 supports English, Spanish, and French languages and can be easily translated with a simple click.

To demonstrate the power of the new system, even a carrier attempting to cross the border and discovering their SCAC has lapsed can log into the SCAC application from any mobile device and renew the code or get a new one in real time, allowing the border patrol to proceed with the registration process.

“Our team is very proud of the accomplishment of SCAC 2.0. SCAC is critical for our carriers to be able to maintain their identifying information with as little difficulty as possible,” said NMFTA’s Executive Director Debbie Sparks. “We are thrilled with the user-friendly design, and we are looking forward to the positive experience we know carriers will have.”

NMFTA’s SCAC Program Manager Debra Edwards said SCAC 2.0 is all about easing trucking companies’ pain points.

“It used to be a real pain point for trucking companies,” Edwards said. “They had to wait for us to do everything for them. Now the attainment and management of their codes is entirely in their own hands. They are empowered like never before.”

There will still be three pieces of information that require the help of NMFTA staff to update – company names, MC numbers, and mode of transportation. Everything else can be managed digitally and directly by carriers and resellers on a 24/7/365 basis.

NMFTA has launched a test site so users can look around and get a feel for SCAC 2.0. That site can be accessed here.

SCAC 2.0 will be live on April 10, 2023.


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Marli Hall
Director of Communications & Member Services