Dave Nemo Show Broadcasts Live from La Jolla Meeting, Interviews NMFTA Leadership, Staff

Marli Hall - March 2, 2023

This is part one of a three-part series

For those who attended the NMFTA Membership Meeting in La Jolla, the early-February gathering was a great opportunity to get up to speed on what’s happening in the industry and what NMFTA is doing to keep its members on the front lines of progress.

If you missed it, or wouldn’t mind a quick rundown, you couldn’t do much better than to check out these podcast clips from the Dave Nemo Show. The show airs each weekday morning on SiriusXM Channel 146 – Road Dog Trucking. On-air personalities Jimmy Mac and Lindsay Lawler broadcasted live from the meeting, and interviewed numerous top leaders from NMFTA, as well as influential board members and staff.

Here are some of the highlights you’ll find in these clips:

Mike Morgan, NMFTA chairman on the organization’s number one priority right now:

“Our intent is to digitize the industry. Look how we do business transactions now. Everything was done with paper. Now it’s all digital. And you can’t digitize if you don’t do cybersecurity. Being the expert in that field, who knows more about trucks than us?”

Debbie Sparks, executive director, on the importance of the industry getting together in person:

“Coming out of COVID and (now) coming back, anyone that’s in pricing in LTL, you’ve got to come back. It’s the need to be with each other, watch people’s body reactions, hear what they’re saying and thinking, and socialize with each other…we invite people to share trends and economic outlook.”

Also Debbie on collaboration with the American Trucking Associations (ATA):

“The ATA has been a great support, using existing resources. We do the research, and the Technology & Maintenance Council has been there for years setting the best practices. So we’re not rebuilding from the ground up.”

John Talieri, chief of technology, on the importance of techniques like multi-factor verification in protecting against cyberattacks:

“When they ask you if you want that extra verification factor, say yes. Even my parents in their 80s, I’ve got them trained.”

Paul Dugent, director of NMFTA’s Digital LTL Council, on the standardization of the LTL digital datastream and the role of new electronic bill of lading standards established by NMFTA:

“We approach it by talking to the carriers first and trying to get them to adopt it and set up their APIs for the electronic bill of lading. But it really comes down to the shippers because they’re the ones who set up the bills of lading. So we try to get the carriers to adopt it and then use their influence with the shippers and 3PLs to get them to adopt it too.”

Listen to all the clips from the Dave Nemo Show here.

Marli Hall
Marli Hall