Conference Speaker

Steve Hankel

Johanson Transportation
Vice President of Information Technology

Topic: "Every Company Needs to Prepare a Business Continuity Plan"


Steve Hankel is the vice president of information technology at Johanson Transportation Service (JTS). He joined JTS in 2010 and during his tenure, he developed a SaaS TMS (Transportation Management System), moved the company’s infrastructure to the Cloud, built up the company’s software engineering program, and rolled out its Disaster Recovery and Cyber Security initiatives. Prior to joining JTS, Steve was the director of IT operations at Webvan, managing the support of cutting-edge technology during the .com boom. He then worked as Tools Team Lead at Wamu, developing a state-of-the-art BC (Business Continuity) and DR (Disaster Recovery) web application. Later he became co-founder and principal at Continuity Source, a company developing BC/DR SaaS Solutions.