Conference Speaker

Dan Heinen

president and CEO

Topic: "API Security"


Dan Heinen is the president and CEO of Kleinschmidt, a B2B integration solutions provider whose capabilities power the supply chains of leading enterprises around the world. With over 35 years of experience building real-time messaging systems across the telecom and financial services industries, Dan leads Kleinschmidt’s march toward next generation EDI and API integration technologies and spearheads the continued development of the reliable, robust B2B messaging architecture that underlies the day-to-day business operations of North America’s leading enterprises. A Kleinschmidt veteran of over 20 years, you can still find Dan rolling up his sleeves and getting down into the trenches, assisting his teams in architecting complex solutions, writing APIs, or debugging code. Outside the walls of Kleinschmidt, Dan is an avid golfer and enjoys traveling the world with his family.