Freight Classification Development Council (FCDC)

The Freight Classification Development Council (FCDC) is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and updating the classification related provisions of the NMFC®.

The Council is also responsible for initiating and evaluating proposals related to the classification of commodities including associated rules and packaging standards. This includes proposals for amending or establishing the classification of commodities; commodity descriptions; classes; rules; packaging; and any other classification-related provision in the NMFC subject to the jurisdiction of the Council.

Proposals may be: 1) submitted by any individual or organization, or 2) developed by the Freight Classification Development Council. A form for submitting proposals is available on the at Proposals submitted for evaluation by the FCDC must be accompanied by supporting information related to the transportation characteristics of the article in question.

A form for submitting proposals is available here.

For more information on the FCDC, please contact