Calling for Presentation Abstracts for the NMFTA Cybersecurity Conference in Cleveland

NMFTA - January 17, 2024

Do you have insight to share on the subject of cybersecurity – especially with relevance to the trucking industry?

If so, don’t wait another minute to submit a presentation abstract for the 2024 NMFTA Cybersecurity Conference. NMFTA, which hosts this conference annually, is gathering the best ideas now for 2024 sessions.

The deadline for submission is Monday, January 29. There is no time to waste.

The conference will be held this year at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel from October 27-29. It attracts carriers, tech providers, 3PLs, and shippers – as well as influential journalists who cover trucking, supply chain and logistics. The conference is simply the place to be if you’re involved with the topic of cybersecurity.

In 2023, in addition to leading presenters from within the industry – and of course, from NMFTA’s own cybersecurity team – we also had top federal agencies including the FBI, TSA, Secret Service, and CISA, sharing the latest on cyber trends and how they’re working to protect our industry while nabbing the bad guys. The attendance and information shared was simply outstanding.

We Need Your Help

In 2024, we’re looking for presenters who can offer insight on some of the critical issues NMFTA will be working on throughout the year. These include:

  • Protecting against, and responding to, ransomware attacks.
  • Best practices to enhance cloud security.
  • Strategies to train people not to be fooled by phishing attacks and other ploys that get hackers into a system, tricking people into letting them in.
  • At the asset level, protecting against the vulnerabilities of diagnostic systems, telematics systems and sensors.
  • The use of penetration testing and white-hat attacks to better prepare an organization for possible attacks.
  • Recovery and business continuity strategies.
  • API security issues.
  • How to ensure third-party vendors don’t make you vulnerable to attacks.

These are top cybersecurity priorities for NMFTA in 2024, so presentations that add knowledge in these areas will be favorably received. But we are also open to presentations that may teach us something new.

The bottom line is this: If it helps the trucking industry protect itself against cyber attacks, it belongs at this conference.

If you are chosen as a presenter, you will enjoy the opportunity to share your knowledge, insight and credentials in front of the highest caliber gathering of trucking professionals that happens each year. The industry’s only cybersecurity conference received prominent coverage last year from Commercial Carrier Journal, FreightWaves, Today’s Trucking, Transport Topics, and all the top trucking industry web sites and podcasts. Presenters also had considerable time to network and build relationships.

If you have insight into cybersecurity and you don’t take the chance to address this conference, we can assure you it’s a missed opportunity someone else will take full advantage of.

So submit those abstracts! We will be doing a thorough review of all submissions and will share feedback to prospective presenters.

Submit today by clicking here.


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