ClassIT® – The Standard NMFC Code Lookup Tool

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The National Motor Freight Classification is a service provided by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. It's a classification system tool for shippers, providing a standard method for appropriately classifying items for shipping. Our online version, which offers many helpful features, is called ClassIT®. Read further to learn about how it works.

What Is ClassIT?

The ClassIT software is the digital version of the NMFC. It's a pricing tool for motor carriers that helps evaluate and correctly classify types of commodities shipped. Think of it as an NMFC code lookup tool, freight calculator, and a tool for determining shipping costs or freight rates and correct freight class. The software helps the transportation industry streamline business operations by providing accurate freight class or shipment costs.

How Does ClassIT Work?

A correct classification code is crucial to protect cargo recipients and fleet managers from unfair freight rates. It's also important to properly label the freight class to ensure an efficient process. The code groups commodities and correctly evaluates products or goods for shipment. The ClassIT works by providing the user with all the information needed for an efficient and effective transportation process.

The ClassIT software offers more features than the print version, including embedded search terms that provide valuable links about commonly searched items. You also get extensive training to help you use the software efficiently. ClassIT lets you easily search for products in the lookup tool and get the latest information on the NMFC packages, index, rules, and carriers. Mobile users also get the software's core functions at no additional cost.

How Much Does ClassIT Cost?

The ClassIT software is available for participants and non-participants. However, non-participant shippers pay more for services. Each subscription includes all the helpful features of the software, including the ability to easily navigate product groupings or simultaneously view different sections of the NMFC. The software also offers extensive online help and allows users to print each section or copy and paste it into other documents. For exact pricing, please view additional ClassIT pricing info in our store.

How to Get ClassIT for Your Business

Get the ClassIT software at a better price by joining NMFTA as a participant. You can also get full membership to get all participant benefits plus the ability to serve on the committee. As a participant, you'll have access to and be able to use the copyrighted rate schedules, tariffs, and contracts provided by the NMFTA. Other benefits include access to training webinars or training and product discounts.

You need to provide NMFTA with essential details such as corporate name, business phone number and address, designated administrator's name, a signed license agreement, and payment to start using the ClassIT software. If your company has multiple users, the administrator must enter information for each user before they can start using ClassIT. If you have questions, please contact us at