SCAC 2.0: Truly a New Day for the Trucking Industry

NMFTA - March 2, 2023

Imagine a truck driver trying to cross the border during a run, sure that he or she had all the necessary identification, only to realize that the carriers SCAC had lapsed, and Customs officials have no record of the carriers’ code.

In the past, a situation like this would have been a disaster for carriers, especially if it happened on the weekend and there was no way to get ahold of NMFTA to update its records. And, even if it was during business hours, assigning a new code could take up to 48 hours if staff had to manually process the request.

This is exactly why the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) is rolling out SCAC 2.0, which will completely change the game when it comes to scenarios like this and many others.

Let’s step back for a second. SCAC is the Standard Carrier Alpha Code. This is an exclusive four-letter identification code that NMFTA assigns to carriers. Once assigned, this code serves as an elite-level identification piece for any carrier. The code makes it easier to register with UIIA, go through Customs and, in many other ways, identify your company.

In the past, once NMFTA assigned a SCAC, it was good for one year. But trucking companies were still responsible for contacting us to update things like their addresses, email accounts, points of contact and so forth. Plus, at the end of that year, companies needed to contact us again to renew the code. Nothing was automatic. Up until now, it’s been necessary to contact us via phone, email, or fax to make these critical account updates.

With SCAC 2.0, that is no longer the case. This new version, set to debut on April 10, will allow account holders to manage their accounts digitally. You can now apply, renew, and update all your information instantly. And in that scenario at the border, SCAC 2.0 will be a lifesaver. If a carrier’s SCAC is lapsed, the driver can log into the system, renew or ask for a new one, and receive the code right there, in real time. Even on weekends.

Consider some of the benefits that will come with this latest version of SCAC:

  • Users will be able to set their accounts to auto-renew, so there will be no risk of a code lapsing. Those who do not auto-renew will receive a notification, so it doesn’t slip through the cracks.
  • Companies who need multiple codes can easily apply and purchase immediately, instead of the complicated workaround that used to be required for such a request.
  • Future cancellation dates will be automated instead of having to be manually input into the system.
  • A responsive mobile interface will make it easy for users to manage on their phones or any other mobile device.
  • All manual processes will be rendered obsolete. No more calls. No more faxes.

One exception to the above will be if a user wants to change the company’s name. That will still require action from NMFTA staff. But in every other respect, SCAC will be completely digitized, and users will be in complete control of their accounts, the information contained therein and the renewal process.

“It used to be a real pain point for trucking companies,” said NMFTA’s SCAC Program Manager Debra Edwards. “They had to wait for us to do everything for them. Once their code was assigned or renewed, they couldn’t do anything until the following year. They couldn’t access or obtain a copy, or update their e-mail addresses.”

With SCAC 2.0, the system will be so intuitive and simple, users will be amazed at the ease with which they can use it. It’s truly a new day for the trucking industry. Watch for more information as we prepare over the coming months for the SCAC 2.0 rollout.

To learn more or to get started on April 10, 2023, click here.


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