NMFTA Releases Cyber Security Templates for Telematics Systems Procurement Process

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The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) is pleased to announce the release of v1.0 of the Request for Proposal (RFP) templates for use by motor freight carriers during the telematics system procurement process. The RFP templates were created to help motor freight carriers establish baseline cyber security standards for telematics devices connected to commercial trucks, used by drivers of commercial vehicles and integrated into fleet operations/maintenance systems.

The RFP templates are provided via a collection of Word and Excel files:

  1. Template for Request for Proposals (Word): This customizable Request for Proposals contract template contains useful standardized language and is intended to be combined with the requirements questionnaires so vendors can respond with details of which requirements their products satisfy.
  2. Template Request for Proposals Appendix I – Requirements Questionnaires (Excel): This appendix should be attached to the RFP by the motor freight carrier when requesting vendor proposals. Vendors complete the questionnaires with their responses. The cyber security requirements for the questionnaires are grouped into categories as a convenient tool for motor freight carriers to summarize which requirements the vendors are expected to meet: mobile apps, physical in-cab devices, connectivity/communications and cloud or back-end data storage.
  3. Request for Proposals Appendix II – Cybersecurity Requirements Matrix (Excel): This appendix can be attached to the RFP in full, for a complete understanding of all cyber security requirements for various types of telematics devices.
  4. Template Proposals Assessment (Excel): This fillable template allows motor freight carriers to capture all vendor evaluation criteria in a single matrix to compare proposals. The functional, technical and cybersecurity requirements can be captured and evaluated on individual tabs within this template.

The RFP templates, along with instructions, for use have been published to NMFTA’s GitHub repository https://github.com/nmfta-repo/nmfta-rfp_templates/releases/tag/v1.0. A zip file of the templates may be downloaded here https://github.com/nmfta-repo/nmfta-rfp_templates/releases/download/v1.0/release-1.0.zip.

Though some of the contributors to this project wish to remain anonymous, NMFTA is deeply grateful to everyone who gave their time and energy to create this baseline of cyber security requirements for telematics devices used by heavy vehicle commercial fleets. We thank all who are working to push the industry forward and make it more cyber resilient.

Please submit comments, questions or feedback about the RFP templates via the Issues tab on the GitHub repository.


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