Classification Research Projects

The following is a list of research surveys currently being conducted by the Freight Classification Development Council (FCDC) to obtain information relating to commodity transportation characteristics and/or packaging. The FCDC would greatly appreciate any specific, pertinent information that you can provide.

A Shipment Information Spreadsheet is available for you to record and submit your information. The completed spreadsheet, along with supporting documentation, can be emailed to the FCDC at

Current Research Projects

Project Name Number Date Assigned Contact Status
Agricultural Implement Parts, other than hand, NOI - Items 10550, 10560, 10570 and 105801479October 2020Adam MercerActive
Bicycles, electric (Electric Bikes or EBikes)1487July 2021Adam MercerDocketed
Bottle Filling, Labeling, Rinsing, Washing or Wiring Machines - Item 1152401512July 2022Angela LiDocketed
Candy, NOI, or Chocolate Candy, NOI - Item 399701506April 2022Allison AustinActive
Chemicals, NOI - Item 439401494November 2021Lisa O'DonnellDocketed
Covers, automobile hood, radiator, spring, steering wheel, tire or top, artificial leather, cloth, fiber, oilcloth or rubber - Item 184601497January 2022Adam MercerActive
Devices or Converters, catalytic, internal combustion engine exhaust system - Item 571701492October 2021Adam MercerActive
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)1491October 2021Adam MercerActive
Doors, refrigerator or freezer, or cooling or freezing room1467June 2020Adam MercerActive
Eave Troughs or Roof Gutters, or Fittings therefor, metal - Item 364101514December 2022Larissa FranklinActive
Feeders, livestock or poultry, with or without conveyors or troughs - Items 65215-653401509May 2022Erin TopperDocketed
Fruit Juice Powders or Crystals - Item 733601411March 2019Allison AustinActive
Guards or Screens, gutter1505March 2022Larissa FranklinDocketed
Ice Cream Freezers (Ice Cream Makers) - Item 1214001513July 2022Angela LiDocketed
Insect Paper or Flypaper - Items 155045 and 1550471502February 2022Larissa FranklinDocketed
Mirrors - Items 137380-1374401510May 2022Erin TopperDocketed
Peat or Peat Moss1459May 2020Ashley GencarelliDocketed
Polish, Polishing Compounds or Polishing Wax1429August 2019Larissa FranklinActive
Pumice Stone, including Lava Rocks - Item 1629201499January 2022Adam MercerActive
Radiators, air heating or cooling - Item 268001417April 2019Erin TopperDocketed
Store or Office Furniture - Items 82300-826431500February 2022Larissa FranklinCanceled
Wheels, NOI, requiring or suitable for use with tires, with mounted tires or without tires - Item 1975921485June 2021Adam MercerDocketed