New SCAC System Is Live: Here’s What To Do If You Need Help With It

Debra Edwards - April 14, 2023

The newest SCAC system has officially launched, and companies all across the trucking industry are getting acquainted with the first all-digital system for managing Standard Carrier Alpha Codes.

Of course, when things change, people sometimes need help. We want to let you know where you can get it.

Sometimes a person just wants a simple question answered by another human being:

Call us at 866-411-6632

Email us at

The launch of SCAC 2.0 has been a long time coming for us at NMFTA, and we’re very pleased with both the design and the execution. It will now be possible for companies to manage their SCAC accounts directly and digitally – eliminating almost all reasons for them to contact NMFTA for help.

Aside from our call center and email system, we offer an array of other helpful resources.

Find how-to videos, that walk users through the process in a thorough and easy-to-understand manner, here:

As a reminder, with the new SCAC system:

  • Users can update all account information instantly, including their addresses, e-mail addresses, payment information, contact people, etc.
  • Even in a situation where a SCAC has lapsed, a carrier could log into the system and instantly restore it.
  • Users will be able to set their accounts to auto-renew, so there will be no risk of a code lapsing. Those who do not auto-renew will receive a notification so it doesn’t slip through the cracks.
  • Companies who need multiple codes can get them automated, instead of the complicated workaround that used to be required for such a request.
  • Future cancellation dates will be automated instead of having to be manually input into the system.
  • A responsive mobile interface will make it easy for users to manage on their phones.
  • All manual processes except for a change of the company’s name will be rendered obsolete. Apart from that, no more calls, emails, nor faxes.

As of Monday, April 10, the rollout has been great so far, and we’ve received very positive feedback from the industry. We’re glad for that. We worked hard to get to this point.

Please take advantage of the resources that are available to you and contact us if you need more help.

We created SCAC 2.0 to put you in charge of your account and to take us out of the loop as much as possible. Once you feel confident you have that full autonomy and you’re completely comfortable with the app – which we don’t expect to take long – then we will know we have succeeded.

Debra Edwards
Debra Edwards

NMFTA's Senior Manager of Business Development, Debra Edwards, oversees the association's widely-used products such as Standard Carrier Alpha Code™ (SCAC®) and its related SCAC Data products such as: SCAC Online, SCAC Web Service, SCAC Daily Distribution Service and Quarterly Distribution Service.

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