Digital Solutions Conference Speakers

We are proud to present our lineup of esteemed speakers for the upcoming Digital Solutions Conference. Each expert has been handpicked for their unparalleled insights and vast experience in the realm of digital solutions. Their thought-provoking sessions promise to enlighten, inspire, and pave the way for innovative ideas. Dive deep into the world of digital advancements with the best minds in the industry. Stay tuned as we reveal more about their sessions and topics in the coming weeks!

Keynote Speaker

Nada Sanders, Ph.D.

Conference Speakers

Mike Alvarez

Ernesto Ballesteros

Chloe Callahan

Jerrel Conerly

Jeremy Daily, Ph.D.

Dan FitzGerald

Ben Gardiner

Ryan Gerdes, Ph.D.

Ivan Granero

Steve Hankel

Dan Heinen

Joseph Hinkle

Trina Martin

Jonathan Martinez

Bruce McClary-Davis

Michael Oberlaender

Jose Razo

David Samples

Clarke Skoby

Shelly Thomas

Drew Williams