Intelligent Network Defense Tool Helps Organizations Strengthen Cyber Posture

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With current cyber security compliance standards and enterprise change management processes, it is becoming nearly impossible for organizations to dynamically and in real-time react to malicious traffic without having to go through a complex approval and review process or rely on single transaction blocking, such as can be found on most intrusion prevention systems. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) is pleased to announce the release of Project Bouncer, a tool developed with the support of NMFTA to strengthen organizational cyber posture through the encouragement of dynamic and intelligent defense.

Project Bouncer is an open source appliance (physical or virtual) which allows organizations to develop their own intelligent rules and systems to dynamically block and unblock suspected malicious traffic using a secure RestfulAPI, thus reducing reactive and proactive response time. Written to be easy to maintain, update and modify, Project Bouncer allows organizations to develop their programs or integrations with their existing SIEMs systems to dynamically block and unblock traffic from would-be attackers by GeoLocation, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It can be used to block inbound and outbound traffic, to prevent intrusion, reverse remote access, data exfiltration and lateral movement inside enterprise network segments. Written in Python, it is available for physical or virtual deployment on a LINUX OS and supported on pfSense hardware.

This new tool gives organizations the ability to react in real time, making a traditionally static behavior more unpredictable to malicious actors. NMFTA believes this type of real-time dynamic defense will help alter the existing asymmetry of the cyber security battle space.

Project Bouncer is available for public download under an open source license from the Bouncer GitHub repository ( to organizations interested in building their own virtual or physical appliance. Please join us in supporting this project and further its development to benefit of all.

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